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  1. It couldn’t be worse, unless
    It couldn’t be worse, unless they replace it with the NIV, the New Jerusalem, or worse, yet, the even newer NIV.

    BTW, here are a couple of links some might find helpful.

    Biblia Sacra Vulgata

    King James Version

  2. One slightly positive
    One slightly positive development in the Calgary hospitals story; in response to the part of the story about banning all Bibles from hospitals, the Calgary Health Region is denying they’d ever intended such a thing:


    However, this news story says nothing about the Gideon’s Bibles – whether or not they will be banned – and one radio report I heard here in Calgary said that Bibles may not be available in all rooms, or for all patients, or something such, as they don’t want to cause offense to non-Christian patients. And the radio report I heard played back remarks from one “healthcare” official saying something to the effect of “Certainly we have appreciated for some time the value that personal faith has in aiding in patients’ recovery”. Thus, we can see that, in true managerial liberal fashion, our rulers are happy to make use of a “personal” faith if it suits their purposes, e.g. aids in healing of a patient, but will oppose any faith that moves beyond the “personal”, one that might actually influence how one views the State, the family, gay rights, abortion, etc.

  3. Re: the roasted pig stall
    Re: the roasted pig stall being opposed by Bath police… Unbelievable; are the Bath police suggesting that it’s an issue of public order, that animal rights activists and (I assume) Muslims or Jews will riot if this happens? If so, then they should say so explicitly, and let Britons be aware of the monster they’ve created by massive unrestricted immigration and leftist social policies.

    Now, as a Christian, I’d oppose this particular application because the businesslady in question intends to do it on Sunday, which is the Lord’s Day – OUR Christian Sabbath. Therefore I propose that this roast pig stall be allowed to operate only on Friday evenings and Saturdays, the Muslim and Jewish sabbaths respectively – and if any Muslims leaving their mosques or Jews leaving their synagogues are incensed enough at smelling roast pork on their sabbath(s) to start a riot, they should be deported to their country of origin. As for radical animal rights activists rioting:


    No more Mr. Nice Guy; they finish last, you know…


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