New York Magazine counsels sexual restraint!

Pascal observed that it’s difficult to speak chastely of chastity, and it must be far more difficult to speak chastely of pornography. Still, you have to deal with what’s around us, and it’s worth noting that even New York Magazine, which is in the business of treating everything as a consumer good, is starting to notice some complications when that treatment is applied to sex. Or at least they don’t much like internet pornography, and have just published a cover story with a backup piece by Naomi Wolf to say so. It’s true that their big complaint is that growing interest among men in technofantasy tends to cut actual women out of the action, so they’re far from giving up the “consumer indulgence” approach to that side of life, but accepted views on sex are so dogmatic that raising any issues at all is a big step forward.

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  1. Feminists figured that by
    Feminists figured that by divorcing sex from procreation women would be emancipated from their historical dependence on men. Seems like it cuts both ways.


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