Dubyah says it takes a village …

A story that suggests the mess the President’s school initiative has left behind: Should Utah opt out of school reform?. No Child Left Behind requires states that accept Federal money to bring all students up to grade level in reading and math by 2013-14, and in the meantime show annual improvements on standardized tests. The goal is silly, and the money is raised within the states in any event. Only the federal control and financial coercion are real, and it’s not clear what public function they serve. Does the federal government have some special competence or commitment to education that people on the scene lack?

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  1. I see it firsthand. Yes, it
    I see it firsthand. Yes, it involves federal dictation to those who have the most concern for teacher working conditions in the states. It places new conditions on federal funding—conditions that could well be a device to bring future federal funding cuts and a voucher system.

    But take a look at the following poll.

    WND Poll
    What’s the best way to educate children?

    …torches and pitchforks carried by so many parents. I have an idea, though. Eliminate all of the romantic arts and social engineering courses from the universities. Maybe that’ll appease us.



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