GK Chesterton’s “The Patriotic Idea”

Found this in an old edition of the Chesterton Review. Very good IMHO.


”The Patriotic Idea” by GK Chesterton, St. George Educational Trust, A4 papers. 24 pages. Obtainable from the Trust of St. Michael the Archangel, 113A Shirland Road, More ...


I’ve read a few of the literature associated with the Kinist movement. You can learn some basic information about them at the Kinist Institute. Basically it seems they’re a Reformed Calvinist-based movement that believes in an ethnic-based Christian society.… More ...

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Here I outline the basic principles that my blog stands for:

Europe and the Popes

Here’s a post at my blog where I laid out many reasons why Europeans should be popes, as opposed to common liberal arguments in favor of a pope from the Third World.