I’ve read a few of the literature associated with the Kinist movement. You can learn some basic information about them at the Kinist Institute. Basically it seems they’re a Reformed Calvinist-based movement that believes in an ethnic-based Christian society.

Overall, despite their typical Protestant skepticism towards us Catholics as being true Christians, they seem of some value. Some Kinists Ive talked to have shown interest in Catholic social doctrine.

Does anybody have any thoughts on these people?

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  1. Kinists
    I have links to Kinists at my site and could be counted as one. There is much variety in the expression of kinism, and great latitude in the views. Some would have trouble with Catholics. Myself, having grown up in a highly Hispanic Catholic area and having numerous theological discussions with the local priest, despite being Baptist, do not generally have a problem with Catholics. I know Catholics who I am as sure as another person can be are heaven bound. I also know a few that are probably headed the other direction on greased rails unless they repent. I also know Baptists similar to both.

    Some kinists would offer that the rememdy for mixed race marriage is divorce. I have yet to see any Biblical argument that would result in my endorsing that.

    As a product of having grown up where I did I see Kinsim’s useful application to cultures that are not “white”. Years ago, Hispanic culture was more family and kin oriented. It was healthier, stronger, and more decent. Modern culture and pressures have changed that and that saddens me greatly. How I would love to see a resurgence of a Christian love of family and kin rekindled in that culture almost as much as in our own. Despite that desire, I am also what I am and wish for our own prosperity and continuation. Kinism is a pie everyone can share in. Separate pieces, same pie.

    • Your link doesnt work
      Your link doesnt work.

      Anyways, I most certainly agree with you that a resurgence of the traditional Christian devotion to ones family and kin(tribe, nation, race, etc.) is a very important step to revitalizing not only our society but even out faith.

      That’s even the main purpose of my blog God, Family, Nation.

      • “For whosoever shall do the
        “For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.”

        • Mark 3:34-35
          Re: Mysterious stranger

          Jesus adressed those words to the specific Jewish people that were around him, not to the whole humanity. Read 34; “He looked at the people sitting all around him and said: Here are my mothers and brothers. And then he goes on to address these same people in 35.

          As always you have lie to yourself to uphold universality lie, and try in vain to delete the universal particularist message of Christianity.

          • Storyline of the bible
            Well, according to the book of Romans Jesus is the elder brother of all who put their faith in Him.
            It is clear, evident, that there is no distinction when we are in Christ “neither Jew nor Greek…” Galatians 3:28
            This is the storyline of the Bible!
            That Christ has reconciled a whole people to God and that their is no distinction among them. It is you that is pulling verses out of context. Repent or the lake of fire awaits you and every false prophet.

          • there is neither male nor female
            “There is neither male nor female.” So once we’re “in Christ” we are free to marry other men if we’re men or marry other women if we’re women since distinctions have been done away with.

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