Christian Failure?

A simple question: how many professed christians will give the monies allocated for ‘xmas’ pleasure and presents to the poor this xmas? Give and not question the giving(no rationalisation about what I have earned is mine). The answer is 0.

Conservative President?

Why do American Conservatives keep changing their minds about what constitutes conservatism? By no stretch of the intellectual imagination could George W. Bush be classified as a conservative.Is the fact that he is considered to be a conservative an indication … More ...

Defense Priorities/Budget

Given the threats that exist, a defense budget of 50 Billion Dollars(or less) is sufficient.

Getting rid of 80% of our current military hardware would end the crime of replication of roles and missions.

We need intelligent, slimmed down and … More ...

Neo-Confederates and Free Markets

Why do Neo-Confederates give a nonreflective adherence to the ideas and practices of the free market, when such adherence results in social and political consequences at odds with a a conservative social order?

Anne Coulter, Conservative?

I wonder what Russell Kirk would think about Anne Coulter’s articulation of the Conservative Cause?

To be taken seriously conservatives should disown this kind of support.

Old Right Think Tank(s)

Given the outstanding success of ‘Think Tanks’ in propogating mainline conservatism and neo-conservatism,
should those people calling themselves paleconservatives seek to set up their own think tank(s)in DC with a view to achieving similiar status for their beliefs. If so, … More ...