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  1. Paleos can win. Here is how.
    Sure it is possible. Opening up the GOP to internal debate by eliminating the (dying) Democratic party as a major player is what the last election was all about.

    The template for action (no matter what flavor of conservative you happen to be) is readily available. Follow the history of the socialist, communist and Democratic parties from Wilson to Carter.

    For years and years, all the ferment and debate was within the Democratic party. And they party was dragged further and further left by the activists. So far left, so into cultural marxism that the public left the party. But that took 50 years and, in the interim, the socialists and communists had many of their party positions incorporated into the Democratic Party platform.

    The GOP sat on the sidelines watching. For many congresses, we have a virtual one party system. Consider these margins:

    Clinton 1993-1995

    Dem 258
    Rep 176
    Other 1

    Dem 57
    Rep 43

    Carter 1977-1979

    Dem 292
    Rep 143

    Dem 61
    Rep 38
    Other 1

    LBJ 1965-1967

    Dem 295
    Rep 140

    Dem 68
    Rep 32
    Other 1

    FDR 1937-1939

    Dem 331
    Rep 89
    Other 13

    Dem 76
    Rep 16
    Other 4

    Notice the LBJ Congress. A supermajority. 1965 was the year, the last year, when the left had al l its dreams fulfilled. That was the congress which created the social pathologies which plague us to this day. Notice the Clinton Congress. A nice majority. But even with that, Democrats were not able after over 40 years of trying to put the crown jewel—National Socialized Health Care—on the New Deal.

    Bottom line is this: Internal fighting is fine. But, come election time, it is imperative to get those huge majorities and further eviscerate the Democratic party. If religious conservatives, paleos, ne ocons, economic conservatives and Rinos stay home or vote Democrat in protest because they did not get all they wanted (and nobody ever does get it all), we’ll simply go back to decades more of cultural marxist control.

    The American system is designed t o be gunked up. Which is fortunate because had it not been, under FDR we might very well have ended up with full blown a (not rhetorical) fascist/communist hybrid.


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