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  1. Same principles – different manifestations?
    Greetings from Australia

    Seems to me again that what is missing from both right and left is the natural law and a fundamentally human way of living that goes along with that.

    What passes for “conservatism” nowadays is almost akin to a form of capitalism with none of the strictures (moral or otherwise) that social encyclicals have talked about. This still seems to amount to a form of liberalism where the autonomy of the individual is the sole locus of meaning
    The “progressives” simply seem to favour government intervention to ease the blow of free market capitalism minus the morals – hence the welfare state.

    Both, though, seems to favour the removal of all forms of traditional society and relations: family, faith, patriotism, local communities. They just manifest in different ways as described above. Public life for them consists of political correctness, careerism, consumerism etc

    What of the discussion in Caritas in Veritate of globalisation? I suppose there can be a form of solidarity between countries IF they have their houses in order and governments look after their citizens first and then reach out to other countries. Of course, this is quite different from the current global capitalism where transnational companies treat people as interchangeable units and are quite happy to put people out of jobs if it is cheaper to employ people elsewhere?

    Your thoughts Mr Kalb?

    • In general I agree.
      In general I agree.

      One point worth making is that official conservatism is much more as you say than the conservatism of those to whom they make their appeal. In that as other respects the progressives are more united than their opponents.


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