There will always be an England

Or at least something called by that name:

  • Hindus there are planning to bring a legal challenge against the refusal of two churches to host yoga classes. The churches say they’re Christian and yoga promotes some other religion, so they don’t want to host it. The Hindus say “yeah, that’s the point, if a church supports one religion and refuses to support another that violates the Equality Act.”
  • The C of E is worried about lawsuits over “gay rights” if not all of them buy into it fully, because failure to do so could create a hostile or humiliating environment for some people in some settings. That would apparently be illegal under proposed legislation.

As far as the mainstream churches go, it serves them right for accepting the leftist understanding of social justice and making that their operative religion. If you’re a large influential organization set up for teaching, and you find yourself in trouble because nobody influential has the slightest idea what you’re talking about when you try to tell them why you’re doing something they don’t like, you should look within to find out what went wrong.

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  1. The effect on us
    I have no sympathy for these idiot “c”hristian groups either, but the fact is that we too will all have to pay for their blunders.


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