The traditionalism of fools

Today’s quote:

“Minorities often behave the way majorities want them to. America’s German and Sephardic Jews in the nineteenth century tried to model themselves on WASP high society, believing that they had to do so to move up socially and professionally. Today Jews who spew hate on gentiles also move up, because they are doing to Euro-American-Christians what the majority society wants, blaming that society for the ills of humanity and urging it to become a multicultural mess.”

(Paul Gottfried)

A good point. I think though that he overestimates the democratic nature of our society. Affirmative action and immigration policy demonstrate that the mere fact that all reputable American leaders, spokesmen, institutions and authorities crave something does not mean that “the majority society” or “Euro-American-Christians” want it. It just means that it favors consolidation of comprehensive domination by the market and bureaucratic instititions such people represent, and therefore weakening of traditional and cultural ties and functions.

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