Something completely different …

My publisher tells me they want my book to be a bit more coherent and a little less vague, so I’m busily unscrambling arguments, tightening up prose, and adding examples and such. As a result, posting is likely to be sporadic for a while.

In the meantime, I was inspired by Michael Blowhard’s link to an implicitly horrifying video clip of a children’s parade in North Korea to look around for what else is available and I stumbled upon North Korea’s 007, the best “secret agent” takeoff since “What’s Up, Tigerlily.” You’re only wasting 30 minutes, and it’s free, so give it a go! If 30 minutes isn’t enough, here’s 4 minutes of break dancing at the DMZ and 59 seconds about oversleeping in Pyongyang.

(I promise things will be back to normal when I get done with this round of revisions.)

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  1. Publisher’s Ideas

    Good luck with your book. Put me down as a pre-purchaser.

    I agree with your editor that examples are needed in discussions about abstract ideas. I suppose it depends on the intended audience. If one wants a book to be used like The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, one would use everyday language, analogy, and concrete examples. If one wants it to be read by mostly intellectuals, then another style is used, if only because it is easier to write.

    But you have the ability to understand complex ideas AND explain the ideas in everyday language, even though many of your articles are directed to intellectuals and not explained unless questioned. You would make a good professor. I know this could mean a more tedious effort and fewer grand ideas expressed. But heck, more ideas can always be reserved for “Volume II.”

    Just think what a popular book could do. Talk shows, speaking engagements, consulting, etc.



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