Inner and outer Obama

Steve Sailer has a couple of interesting pieces on Obama and his identity issues. Reminds me a bit of someone I once knew, a black man with a Christian mother and Muslim convert father whose marriage broke up over religious and other incompatibilities. He was intelligent, extremely disciplined, attentive to what others were looking for, and something of a chameleon. His “all things to all men” quality reflected his boyhood as a member of two very different and opposed families, or so I thought.

He became an Episcopal priest—he liked the ritual and social acceptability—and was quite successful, a high-class Anglo-Catholic with high-class Anglo-Catholics and a down-home charismatic with those of different tendency. He eventually crashed and burned over a sexual thing. He had a wife and kids, to all appearances a good marriage and family life, but got into trouble sexually harrassing a male co-worker who was somewhat dependent on him. He just couldn’t decide what he was really about, it seems.

Dunno what all this suggests about Obama as a politician. I suppose it means that he’s a bit of a wild card, but so are they all. I take it for granted that anyone who would do what it takes to become president today has something wrong with him. Who can predict how craziness will play out?

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  1. I keeping reading things
    I keeping reading things from various traditionalist blogs that have me envisaging Obama as the best the jihadists have to offer.


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