Nesta Webster’s Theories.

I’m wondering what people think of the theories of Nesta Webster regarding the French Revolution and the role of secret societies in the rise of revolutionary thought. Webster actually traces the modern crisis back to prehistoric times, tracing the development of secret societies from the first temptation of Eve in the Garden to the formation of mystery cults in ancient times and finally to the rise of Gnosticism, Manichaeism and heresy after the coming of Christ. It seems as if modern day leftism (the left hand side has traditionally been associated with sorcery and evil) is nothing more than restored Gnosticism and heresy, all making its root back to the Devil and the first temptation of Eve leading to the Fall. Truly there is nothing new under the sun!

I’m wondering what people think of these theories.

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  1. Regardless of how it came to be, why do we keep voting for it?
    I’m wondering what people think of these theories.” (—from the forum entry)

    Zosimos, I don’t know if they explain how the modern-day left, as you put it, came to be, but however it came to be, why do so many people vote for it (and for the degenerate right)? They don’t have to. No one’s forcing them to. In the privacy of the voting booth no one sees whom they vote for. Why do they do it, then—put these kinds of people into positions of power over us, instead of good people? That’s the question. To be able to recognize a leftist or a degenerate “conservative” (a CCR, for example—a Country Club Republican, such as George Bush or his father) doesn’t require much in the way of gifts: everyone can do it—a functioning eye on one side of the nose … maybe one on the other as well, if you want to be extravagant about it … will generally do the trick … That’s equipment most of us have, Zosimos … I mean—the left can exist all it wants. So can every other kind of wacko stuff—Jeffrey Dahmer, for example—or this Rader who was just sent to prison. Who the hell knows why this stuff exists? Maybe Nesta Webster is on the right track in accounting for the left’s existence, maybe she isn’t. But OK, so it exists—now, do we have to vote for it? Whoever heard of people voting for a ticket consisting of Geoffrey Dahmer for president running on the Ghoul Party ticket and Rader as his vice-president? Whoever heard of such a thing, yet it’s done every single major election as people vote for individuals who aren’t a lot more moral than those two. What’s wrong with the eyes in people’s heads? They aren’t functioning or something? What’s wrong with people’s moral fiber? They don’t have any? So, however the left came to be, however Dahmer came to be, however Rader came to be, do we have to vote them into office giving them trememdous power over us? Does Nesta Webster explain why we keep doing that?


    Long live free Flanders!

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