Dynamic Defense is the Best Defense Against Islam

We are in a holy war with Islam. Hatred is a rational inference when disparate countries sharing nothing but a common religion and an animosity towards specific countries having a religion deemed by the disparate countries as deserving nothing less than the sword. Muslims here and abroad listen to grotesque descriptions of the U.S., one of the specific countries. Great Britain is another specific country, and we have heard the obscenities hurled against it by its born and bred Muslims. The expatriates in the U.S. from the disparate countries scream the sound of silence (because of our laws) about our war with Islam.

A forward offense is the best defense. Thoughts about fortress America are as goofy as the Maginot Line and the Siegfried Line and countless other fixed fortifications that became obsolete with high explosives and mechanized warfare. This is a truism that should be boring to hear more about.

Al Qaeda is not going to stop attacking the U.S. and its allies if we bring our boys home. Warriors that attack before being counterattacked and continue attacking after being counterattacked effectively usually will not stop attacking if the counterattacking stops.

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2 thoughts on “Dynamic Defense is the Best Defense Against Islam”

  1. one thing we gotta do…
    … is stop making excuses for any “nice” Muslims we know, and realize they are the exception to the rule, but that they don’t belong here, either… (By “here”, I mean what was once called Christendom, back when we had the religious and ethnic/racial consciousness to think in such terms…) I know some genuinely nice people who identify as Muslims, and I know some nice Chinese folks too. That doesn’t mean I think they belong here; were it up to me, my non-white and non-Christian friends would be back in their own lands…

    We must make Muslims feel that they don’t belong in our lands – they are the outsiders; this is not their land, notwithstanding what Mohammed taught them about the “dar-al-Harb” and the “dar-al-Islam”. And yet, as Christians, we can’t deliberately be cruel or nasty, either, and be true to our creed. It is a difficult tightrope to walk…

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