Miss Holloway a Victim of Feminism

Dear Mr. Kalb and Fellow Readers,

Feminism is partly to blame for Miss Holloway’s tragic end. Feminism says men and women are equal and equality trumps everything; therefore, it is illogical and unfair to propose women should behave different from men.

Proposing that women need to avoid being alone with men the women do not know violates this feminist principle. Feminist principles dominate our society. Parents either believe many of such principles or have no way to articulate their uneasiness (as they would if they communed here) or have no practical ability to stop their daughters from acting in accordance with unwise feminist principles.

Mrs. Holloway’s abilities were faced with a solid wall of parents willing to send their daughters off to party in a Third World culture, not that the Third World aspect was necessarily decisive because the same unwise behavior occurs here in America and yields the same results.

We do not have trios of young women luring drunken young men into automobiles and drugging or raping them or both and then murdering them because they will cry rape to the police. Feminists think this fact of life is unfair and is somehow the fault of men as opposed to biology; therefore, they reject any attempt to use it to “repress” women into acting different from men.

I am stating the obvious, but someone needs to do it.

All the Best,


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  1. and this isn’t the first time this happened, either…
    … back in the last decade, a http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=%22Rebecca+Middleton%22+Bermuda&btnG=Search Canadian teenager travelled to Bermuda without her parents, and after drinking at a bar, accepted a ride home from a stranger, a black Bermudian, and was savagely raped and murdered.

    Radical egalitarian, both sexual egalitarianism and racial egalitarianism, is to blame, when silly teenage girls go off on their own to dangerous Third World countries, filled with savage young men, and see no danger…

    BTW, on a related note, http://theaterofthesoul.blogsome.com/2005/08/06/feminazis-and-domestic-violence/ here is a rape victim who refuses to become a man-hater, and who recognizes the responsibility women have to not be stupid, to not make stupid decisions which might put result in becoming victim to violence. An inspiring woman, to say the least…

    • Driving the Point Home
      Dear Mr. Kalb and Will,

      In my city of New Orleans about eight years earlier, a young white female left her office as usual one evening. She walked to her parking lot and greeted the usual black attendant she had greeted for months. Sometime later she appeared in the video camera of one of her bank’s ATM’s. She was a terrified wreck. She was found later raped, sodomized, and murdered. The “nice” attendant was convicted.

      To suggest women travel together or be escorted by a man is anathema to feminists and, therefore, to the popular culture. Moreover, our local communities are unwilling to deal with this issue for reasons ranging from anti-racism to funding. The anti-racism prevents law enforcement from dealing appropriately with white criminals just as much as black criminals. The law enforcers are forced to devolve into focusing on the least common denominator: “well there ain’t nothing we can do.” They can’t send the suspects in Miss Holloway’s disappearance to GITMO, despite the glaring suspicious behavior in telling ten or twenty different stories.

      Not everyone would be sent to GITMO, just cretins like the three suspects in Aruba. I’ll bet many American patriots would be willing to submit to GITMO techniques to prove how it is not torture but a highly effective means of interrogation.

      All the Best,


    • Not the Last Time Either
      Dear Will,

      I agree young women need to accept responsibility, and they are met with cultural isolation if they do. So we need to fight for them, as I am sure you do. Our struggle with liberalism is formidable, as you know. One key is blogging here to ensure you have the intellectual tools to combat the popular culture. Yea it is not easy to deal with an office full of liberals as I must deal with, but I present my arguments in as friendly a manner as possible. They have no counterargument except emotion, and they are left with a chink in their subconscious armor when I am finished

      All the Best,


      • that’s why that blog posting is so important…
        … there, in that blog posting I linked, is a woman who suffered an evil, but refused to develop an irrational hatred of men, and who accepted responsibility for a poor decision she made, and furthermore, was willing to stand up and be counted as calling any woman who stays with an repetitively abusive man a fool who doesn’t deserve our sympathy. No liberal can argue with her, and accuse her of misogyny, or inability to sympathize – she’s a woman, and suffered through a rape herself, and so all the usual sorts of arguments liberals like to invoke (same as when they say a man can’t experience pregnancy and thus has no right to an opinion on abortion) fail miserably, and they have to confront the subject as presented, not play identity politics games…

  2. Feminism partly to blame
    That was an excellent forum entry, Paul Henri. I agreed with every word. Thanks for posting it.

    Long live Flanders!

    • Feminism Partly to Blame
      Dear Fred,

      Thanks for the encouragement. We need to do this with one another.

      All the Best,


  3. Feminist Shamans
    Dear Mr. Kalb and Fellow Readers,

    There is hope the feminists have been shown to be the shamans that they are. Most every cable network, liberal and conservative, are focused on this investigation. Whether or not the animalistic perpetrators are brought to justice, feminists will have a difficult time defending their equality idea instead of rationality. Men and women will always remain unequal. Only shaman leaders believe otherwise.

    One cannot demand equality as an ideal. Another example is the attempt to treat the races equally and hope to solve the problem of black crime. One cannot demand the equal treatment of women and men to solve the problem of male violence against females. The cultures or genetics or both are unequal; the evidence is in the morning newspaper everyday, so there is no need to use specific citations.

    Blacks comprise a violent culture. Our murder rate in my little big-city of New Orleans stood tonight at 200 as I was tread milling. (New Orleans has left only about 550,000 people.) About 95% of the victims were black. Before 1965, the rate was possibly closer to 99.9% black and probably at most measured in scores not hundreds. Fellow blacks are not giving whites a break; blacks simply are more geographically and culturally available to murder than whites, who wisely retain the pre-Civil War knowledge to stay away from black people who were later imposed on them by the Union—and Southern business interests.

    All the Best,


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