India and Islam

A number of good postings over at VFR, on the subject of India and Islam: [url=]here[/url], [url=]here[/url], [url=]here[/url], [url=]here[/url], and [url=]here[/url].

And a chilling quote from an Indian-origin religious studies prof. in Canada, [url=]here[/url].

4 thoughts on “India and Islam”

  1. Blacks and Muslims
    Blacks are similar to Muslims. Blacks in America seem to do better than anywhere else when they are the “oppressed” minority they claim to be. If they did not do better here in America, they would be heading back to Africa; but just the opposite has been happening for centuries, even during the worst days of slavery.


    • Yes, indeed…
      Someone commented recently on this (I forget where; perhaps at VDARE), comparing black Americans with U.K. Muslims, noting that the children of Muslim immigrants are the ones doing the rioting and mayhem, not their parents, because their frame of reference is their British neighbours, not their co-religionists / kinfolk in the ancestral homeland; this is much like whiny black Americans, going on and on about racism, instead of thanking God their ancestors were enslaved, and that they weren’t born in the hellhole that is Africa…

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