Ultimate Fighting

Dear Fellow Readers,

UF seems impressive. But its goal is to brutalize one’s opponent. What is sportsmans-like about it? I am a former award-winning high school wrestler, and I view UF as a stupid “sport” like boxing, a sport the goal of which is to render one’s opponent stupid. Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling are pure sports. I was a Freestyle wrestler. In either case, no moves were intended to harm an opponent, only to immobilize him for three seconds, now two seconds. Oh, I ain’t afraid of an UF because the UF will never get close enough to me to hurt me before I pin him for two seconds. And if there ain’t no referee, how does he get up?

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  1. Extreme Foolishness
    Dear Friends,

    One of my weaknesses was my strength, so I weight-trained and wrestled until I endured a ruptured lumbar disc at 14-15 (lovely). But that was no excuse. I refused to weight train more because I thought I was cheating. I was talented and that “should have been enough,” but it wasn’t to win the State Championship over the senior captains of my exclusive opposition teams.

    Rejoice with me, I am now weight-training without limitation (except the snatch and other back-intensive training). I am now putting on some major muscle at an advanced age.

    All the Best,


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