Weird sexual stuff

It’s hard to imagine how sex could be put into some kind of order without any reference at all to traditional taboos. How could you conceivably rationalize something so basic and powerful and hard to get a grip on and make it a matter of simple free choice? With that in mind, it seems obvious that sexual enlightenment will turn out in fact to be sexual obsession and insanity. That seems to be happening, or at any rate people’s ability to think about this stuff seems to be going downhill:

  • Parents whose daughters are doing high school wrestling are peeved because boys from some schools are forfeiting matches rather than joining the girls on the mat, so they’re initiating legal action. As one parent and sometime Episcopal Church functionary said, “[T]here’s a limit … If my religion says that once a year on a full moon, I had to get into a hit-and-run accident, I think the cops would take exception to that … My daughter’s rights [to compete rather than win by default] are not going to be bargained away for any reason.” The piece quotes a Miss Hogshead-Makar, who’s apparently an Olympic athlete who practices law in the area and believes the guy has a good legal position. Long live liberation and reason!
  • Michelene McGreevy, a lady who works for Planned Parenthood in Ohio, complains that abstinence education means teenage girls [give oral sex] but boys don’t [do likewise], and that’s unjust and “introduc[es] a whole new avenue of self-hatred for females.” Read her letter, it’s a ways down in the link, for her vivid way of expressing herself and protesting against the thought that something sexual could be “gross.”
  • A federal judge has ruled that the Nebraska constitution is unconstitutional because it forbids “gay marriage.” It’s unfair and unconstitutional to make something a constitutional rule, he says, because that discriminates against people who don’t agree and can no longer work to reverse the rule through simple political means that don’t involve constitutional change. I wonder if the line of thought (pioneered by Justice Kennedy in the Colorado Proposition 2 case) could be expanded?

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