Tolerance and Inclusiveness

“Inclusiveness” is a basic principle of present-day liberalism and its most important engine of power. It searches the whole of social life to extirpate everything inconsistent with the absolute universal domination of liberal institutions.

Social institutions exist through differentiation, the assignment of power, position and authority among persons. Inclusiveness insists on the eradication of differentiations not based solely on universalizable economic and organizational considerations justifiable by the needs of world markets and rationalized value-free bureaucracies. Its function, therefore, is to destroy all institutions other than markets and bureaucracies—that is, all institutions based on anything other than liberal principles of contract, economic efficiency, and equal and abstract individual rights. Nonliberal institutions like the family or religion may be allowed to linger on to the extent they can be adequately neutered, but they must be deprived of authority and made irrelevant to serious affairs. They must become private tastes or hobbies and not institutions.

It follows that no serious conservatism can accept anything like the liberal understanding of inclusiveness. Any conservatism that makes a hero of Martin Luther King is not conservatism.

5 thoughts on “Tolerance and Inclusiveness”

  1. The UK’s Commission for Racial Equality bravely fights evil…
    It appears the U.K.’s Orwellian “Commission For Racial Equality” is extremely worried over reports that many police officers over there privately “treat race-and-diversity-awareness as a joke.” A joke!!! Can anyone IMAGINE that??? And wait, it gets worse (IF that’s possible…): they continue — oh, GAWD, this is so horrible my hands almost refuse to type it! — they actually continue — if behavior like this can even be IMAGINED — continue to exclude black and Subcontinental police recruits from … (… wait for it…) … from “a dominant bar culture of heavy drinking”!!! (I mean…can anyone CONCEIVE of that???) And as if THAT wasn’t enough — to top it ALL off, this “dominant bar culture” of heavy drinking actually “reinforces macho and anti-diversity attitudes”!!! Hey, WE CAN’T ALLOW THAT!!! Last but not least: this “bar culture of heavy drinking” is an especially hard culture for…(wait for it…)… for teetotalers…that’s right, teetotalers… to break into!!! Anyone actually still standing after reading that last outrage on the part of these morally criminal Brit policemen??? All this, according to reports that have surfaced recently in the U.K., which OF COURSE have the Commission for Racial Equality VERY concerned… Now, I think we can all agree the LAST thing anyone would want would be a “macho” policemen — so, gotta force more programs on these bigoted male chauvinists that will, ONCE AND FOR ALL, train them to get in touch with their feminine side… The Commission For Racial Equality will certainly have its hands full getting such evil white police officers to abjure snickering whenever their thought-control race-sensitivity instructors’ backs are turned — imagine such dreadful behavior on the part of policemen!!! And, hey, we’ve GOTTA get them psychologically re-trained to start including blacks, Subcontinentals, and teetotalers in their “bar culture of heavy drinking”… I mean — a lot depends on that in today’s world…

    But ya see, what makes all this so hard for the CRE is that, according to “informants,” some of the brainwashing just isn’t working as it should:

    “One informant suggested that the training was helping to create a new phenomenon, the ‘stealth racist’, who learned how to remain undetected, by the emphasis on what terminology to use and not use.” Oh, HORRORS!!! Can’t we root these criminals out??? Can’t we put tape recorders under their dinner tables and beds at home, for crying out loud???

    (,,30100-13129185,00.html )

    What with some policemen just not *getting* the official anti-racism message, and what with the CRYING NEED for English schoolgirls in the eleven-, twelve-, thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-old age groups to be officially taught and encouraged in their schools to begin performing oral sex as a way to decrease teen pregnancy, the forces of PC in the mother country are going to have a busy time of it — but they’re made of the right stuff — British “hearts of oak” and all that, you know — and they’ll get the job done all right: will have things sorted in no time! Carrry on, CRE, and … HANG IN THERE!

  2. I forgot to include a reference in my comment above…
    Incidentally, for incredulous readers of my post above, here’s the link on the new UK government plan to encourage under-sixteens in UK schools to start performing oral sex on one another, an activity now considered especially beneficial for young girls to engage in, according to the article.

    (As they say, you can’t make this stuff up, folks…)

    • More likely to keep 15-yr-olds unpregnant: fellatio? or a dad?
      In regard to the U.K.’s brilliant new plan to educate all fifteen-and-under school kids in England and Wales to start performing oral sex on each other as a way to decrease teen pregnancy (see link in my other comment in this thread), this caught my eye over at Mark Richardson’s excellent new blog:

      When can we expect to see government approach the problem of teen pregnancy by sane measures, such as for example lifting some of the accumulated obstacles government itself has placed in the path of dads’ being present in kid’s lives?

      (Never, would be my guess…)

      Anyone who doesn’t see the hand of the behind-the-scenes-dyke-in-government—the vile hand of aggressive, single-minded, self-serving lesbianism—in this truly crackpot governmental scheme for officially teaching oral sex to fifteen-and-younger schoolgirls (using the pretext that it will “ameliorate” a problem it can CLEARLY only exacerbate) is blind.


      “No wisdom is, no prudence is, no counsel is against the Lord.”

      “The community shall be glad in the multiplying of just men; when wicked men have taken princehood, the people shall wail.”

      Proverbs 21:30, 29:2 (Wycliffe)

  3. How can the other side not see how totalitarian they’re being?
    A certain Arizona community college professor is in trouble with the EEOC for having e-mailed links to articles published in, “The Weekly Standard,” and to a few of his colleagues. Aside from the EEOC’s investigation there are also calls for his dismissal from teaching. The reason the EEOC is involved is he may have committed “national origins harassment.” Furthermore, as a result of the flap, “an Arizona State legislator … has called for a law to ban college computers from being used to for material ‘considered offensive’ to minorities.”

    ( )

    (Hey, now that whites are a minority in the state of California will that law be used to squelch stuff “considered offensive” toward them? … Oh, silly me! I forgot that only whites are capable of “hate.” Please forgive me for that faux pas…)

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