Of logos and logic

Speaking of cynical propaganda, has anyone noticed how bizarre and effective the BP logo is? When you go by one of their gas stations you really are convinced that what they do is Green, Solar, Euro, and in fact Beyond Petroleum—totally different from what those gross American gas companies do. What does it mean that something so blatantly absurd could be so persuasive?

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  1. The BP logo is like leftism in this regard
    “What does it mean that something so blatantly absurd could be so persuasive?”

    But isn’t that the whole story of Marxism, neo-Marxism in all its forms including multi-culti, women’s lib, and all the rest, and the Left in general? How could something so blatantly absurd as the confiscation and abolition of all private property (yes that was Phase-I of Marxism and that phase fell through, and yes we’re now in Phase-II — but anyone wanna bet they’ve still got it somewhere on the back-burner for safe-keeping and will trot it out again as soon as an opportunity presents itself?); the outlawing of God and the draconian punishment of all religion; the extremely aggressive public promotion of male and female homosexuality, transvestitism, and the psychosexual pathology known as “transgenderism”; the attempted forcing, by all the massive power of the central government, of women into what are men’s social roles throughout society and men into women’s; the gigantic forty-year-long-and-counting governmental campaign by means of propaganda and all sorts of policy machinery against women having babies or, if they do miraculously defy the intense propaganda déluge and policy obstacles, then against their marrying so as to actually have a dad in their babies’ lives, and against their staying home to take care of them, putting them instead in government daycare centers where their ruination is assured; the abolition of the white race world-wide except where it isn’t Christian — and then only in certain cases (white Christians being potentially a major threat to the ascendancy of the New Nomenklatura); the utter wiping out of all particular nations, nationalities, and ethno-cultures in the name of something called “multiculturalism”; etc., etc., etc. — what in the world could it possibly mean that something so blatantly absurd is so persuasive to so many?


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