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Here’s a quick introduction to the case of David Reimer, a boy famously raised as girl after a botched circumcision, who recently killed himself. The Brothers Judd give a longer account with lots of links. The experiment was a colossal failure but was reported as a huge success, with loads of honors for the quack doctor who promoted it, because dominant social forces wanted it that way. I can’t help but think that the case is helpful background for understanding other ventures in gender reconstruction, for example the one Mrs. Lewis is now forcing on Massachusetts or for that matter the campaign against “gender-based discrimination” in general. You can’t just abolish 1,000,000,000 years of sexual differentiation because it’s not PC, or so it seems to me.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the tolerance front:

  • Dhimmi Watch points out that a British television documentary that shows Muslim men grooming under-age white girls for sex has been shelved, after lobbying by Muslim groups and intervention by the police, because of fears it could incite racial violence. The law, it seems, forbids the broadcast of materials that could even inadvertently stir up racial tension, at least near election time. One feature of the tolerant, inclusive and multicultural society is that you can’t discuss outrageous conduct for fear of other outrageous conduct. (There have been lots of racial problems in Bradford, where the program was filmed.)
  • And on the combined reconstructing-sex-and-grooming-underage-girls front, it appears that there is now an active sex toys for tots scene among Catholic (and other) elementary schoolgirls in New York City. Words fail me. (Cite via Larry Auster.)

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  1. Some of the letters in the
    Some of the letters in the comments thread following the Dhimmi Watch article are pretty revealing about the wonderful blessings multi-culti is currently showering upon The Ancient Nations of Europe (to use Pat Buchanan’s poetic term). You really have to wonder what the elites who push multi-culti on an unwilling public are thinking…

  2. Hello Jim,

    You might be
    Hello Jim,

    You might be interested to check out the cutting-edge marxist publisher, ctheory. Among the offering of its literati are some true cultural marxist delicacies. The site’s owners are particularly obsessed with “the hysterical male” which, I think, is you and I post the feminism. We are ripe for deconstruction it seems. The future male will be a self-mutilating androgene bereft of all certainty and, of course, any residual dominance characteristics.

    The television programme about Asian males in Bradford is supposed to re-air after the forthcoming June 10th European elections. You might wonder what sexual abuse has to do with the future of the EU. The answer is nothing, save that the BNP – which campaigns strongly in northern mill towns – is fighting said elections and Channel 4 is horribly alarmed at giving them what would amount to a free, hour-long election broadcast!

    As always with the benighted BNP, no one has expressed any outrage. They are friendless, a condition which far exceeds the predisposition of the English natives for denying their own racial group interest.


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