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An AP story that displays one aspect of the connection between liberal attitudes toward sex and the view that experts should run everything: Church warned of ‘witch hunt’. The piece, which relates to the pederasty scandals in the Church, is more than a year old. Nonetheless, it’s still worth reading because it carries the characteristic style of experts and the liberal journalists who report on them to the point of parody.

The piece is a classic that should be read and probably memorized. Consider, for example,

  • The intensely serious mock surprise at at the obvious. (“Researchers have identified a pattern in the molestation crisis afflicting the Roman Catholic Church: Most of the victims are older boys.”)
  • The puzzlement when ordinary responsible people draw evident conclusions. (“Noting this trend, some high-ranking Catholics have concluded that many abusive clergy are gay …”)
  • The bland assertion of plain falsehoods. (“There is also no evidence that homosexuals are more likely than heterosexuals to molest children.”)
  • And the invariable practical implication: don’t do anything at odds with what liberalism calls for. (“Until more research can be done on why boys are more often targeted, many researchers say the church should [do anything but treat priestly homosexuality as an issue].”)

Expertise is a wonderful social institution. It means that those in control can assert anything whatever, no matter how obviously wrong, and dissent only demonstrates the dissenter’s ignorance and probable psychological problems.

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