The EU finds a constitution

The suicide of Europe gathers speed: the Convention on the Future of Europe has reached agreement yesterday on a written constitution for the EU. The proposed text provides for

  • EU competence in “all areas of foreign policy, including the progressive framing of a common defence policy.”
  • Pre-emption of national legislation in agriculture, justice, energy, social policy, economic cohesion, transport, the environment, and aspects of public health. National legislatures will not be allowed to legislate in those areas unless Brussels chooses to waive its power.
  • A full-time European president, elected by prime ministers, and a foreign minister.
  • A so-called “escalator” clause, slipped in at the last moment [surprise!], that would allow future amendments without assent of national legislatures.

Europe achieved greatness through the unforced unity in diversity of a common faith and civilization. It has abandoned its faith, is abolishing its civilization, and has made a good start replacing its aging peoples with populations imported from the third world. It’s not surprising those planning for European unity should be placing so much emphasis on a comprehensive bureaucratic struction. The Europe of the future will have nothing else holding it together.

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  1. I was wondering, if the
    I was wondering, if the United States would be part of the E.U.? I think if it could be accomplished, it would be a very good thing for this section of the world. I would personally approve of it, and help it along if I could.

  2. I wonder if the nations that
    I wonder if the nations that enter into this constitutional arrangement will be required to give up their seats in the United Nations, to be represented instead by a single EU ambassador, exercising the competency of “all areas of foreign policy”?


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