The EU, dignity, and what not

Every word is true, but why put it in a way no one will understand? European Union Cannot Be Reduced to a Market, Cautions Pope. The EU, he says, “must promote a model of society that honors the fundamental dignity of the whole person and his rights, that favors relations based on justice, mutual respect and peace among human beings and peoples.” All too true. The problem is that in EU-speak the words have a meaning that’s at odds with the Pope’s intentions:

  1. “Promote a model of society” means “establish a totally administered social order.”
  2. “Fundamental dignity … and … rights” mean the equal right of each to social support in choosing and pursuing his own goals. “Gay marriage” is an obvious example.
  3. “Relations based on justice, mutual respect and peace” mean a combination of the foregoing. Relations based on abstract principles mean a bureaucracy that runs everything, justice and mutual respect mean egalitarian hedonism (everyone can equally do what he feels like doing), and “peace” means it all works smoothly with no backtalk.

Vatican II wanted to reformulate eternal truths so modern man could better understand them. What’s happened is that they’re presented so they sound like modern errors. Why is that progress?

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