Show business as usual (today)

What ever happened to the razzmatazz about artistic independence, integrity, what have you? It seems that it only works one way: Author questions ‘racism’ in U.K. theatre. Suppose the House of Lords had talked about the need to ensure X, Y and Z in a discussion of the theater’s “institutional licentiousness”?

Not that it matters so much that politicians think the arts should be reformed from above to make them more correct politically, or that one of them, a former arts apparatchik herself, was upset that people even commented on cross-racial casting. The real problem is that the arts world, apparently including most artists, has bought into the notion that culture should be controlled in the interests of politics, just as academia has bought into gross violations of academic freedom in the interests of “tolerance” and “diversity.” Rousseau to the contrary notwithstanding, you can’t force people to be free.

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