UK public discussion flies blind

What’s going on here? Gang membership spirals among under-16s in England. The Guardian—possibly acting in its role of Platonic guardian, noble lies and all—apparently doesn’t want to tell the whole story. It’s a problem, they say, of big cities, schools, and “gun violence,” which apparently is an active principle like the drug trade. It should be obvious that to respond the public needs to know a bit more about the gangs’ social setting, for example which of the communities now composing British society are most seriously affected. It’s not likely the public will get much of that information from the free British press anytime soon. It could of course be that all communities are equally affected, which would itself be of great interest. The failure of The Guardian to say so suggests that is not the case, however.

3 thoughts on “UK public discussion flies blind”

  1. You can be certain that an
    You can be certain that an increase in violence by non-whites against whites is viewed by the Guardian as yet another reason to keep the white people disarmed.

  2. The Left views racist
    The Left views racist violence against innocent whites as “payback” for centuries of alleged racism and colonialism and exploitation. Third world settler gangs, in effect, are being used by the global Left as an army in an ongoing race war against Western populations. When will whites realize that a race war has already been declared, and stand up to meet it?

  3. Exactly. Whites are the
    Exactly. Whites are the oppressor-tyrant, non-whites would spontaneously and naturally be free and equal if only the oppressor-tyrant had never existed, and whatever means are most effective for putting down the tyrant are the priority. Blacks and other nonwhites are themselves pristinely innocent by virtue of their oppressed status, which excuses all of their actions.


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