Strike CEDAW!

The crypt has opened, and CDAW once more stalks the land! As most VFR readers know, the treaty passed out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the beginning of the summer and may be voted upon by the full Senate at any time. Since we’ve discussed it before we won’t repeat how bad it is. Here’s a petition to the President and the Senate opposing ratification that I urge everyone to sign. Note that they require an organizational affiliation, so you need to belong to an organization that wouldn’t mind being mentioned in connection with the petition. I listed “View from the Right” as my affiliation, and suppose it would be legitimate for any regular participant to do the same.

2 thoughts on “Strike CEDAW!”

  1. I signed the letter, which
    I signed the letter, which includes this passage:

    “The United States has the strongest laws in the world prohibiting discrimination against women. We can be confident of our record, and do not need to ratify a treaty that confuses gender-engineering with anti-discrimination.”

    I’m just wondering if Mr. Kalb feels there’s any difference between anti-discrimination and gender-engineering. 🙂

  2. Since the letter takes the
    Since the letter takes the view that “gender roles, motherhood, culture and tradition” are worth defending, it seems like the Pope they intend the distinction.


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