Rx or PC?

More PC in medicine: an English surgeon who complained that patients’ lives could be put at risk by foreign nurses with a poor command of English is facing formal disciplinary action for “racism.” The article mentions that Patricia Moberly, the chairman of the hospital, has made no secret of her ambition to promote the hospital as a forward-thinking institution where discrimination, racism and harassment are not tolerated. Antiracism trumps everything, routine matters like health care can take care of themselves, and if your parochial professional concerns cause a problem for the hospital’s 5-year antiracism plan then you’ve got the problem.

2 thoughts on “Rx or PC?”

  1. More evidence that for those
    More evidence that for those of us in the West, third world immigration really IS a life and death situation.

  2. Almost as bad as the story
    Almost as bad as the story is the way it’s written. It doesn’t tell us what exactly he’s being charged with or where or to whom he made the statements and what the statements were. The story says “Mr. Nunn said such and such,” but since no context is given for those statements, for all we know these are comments he made to the reporter after he was charged, not the comments for which he’s being charged.

    The impossibility of deriving the basic facts from news stories is becoming a real problem. In fact, this kind of journalism would seem to be a reflection of the evolving liberal culture, and particularly of the unaccountable, invisible, bureaucratic type of government we have today.


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