Legal trivia can bite

Legal trivia: in Florida you can get 5 years for notorizing your own signature. Since it’s not clear why notorizing should matter, the law doesn’t seem to be enforced much except in special cases like anti-gay rights petitions. So in Miami two people involved in a campaign to overturn a local gay-rights ordinance are being charged with the felony of unlawful use of a notary commission. Seems fair—if they don’t have the energy to notorize each other’s signatures why not toss them in the slammer for a few years? The special prosecutor is also going after a 17-year-old campaign volunteer, as well as the local head of the Christian Coalition. Some might call the prosecutions an absurd and discriminatory overreaction to formal irregularities in paperwork submitted by a volunteer citizens’ campaign, but to me it looks like heads-up police work. Good show!

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