War with Holland redux

War with Holland? We had a poll on the subject several weeks ago and most people thought the idea was silly. Now it’s in the news: US-Kongress droht Niederlanden mit Invasion (“US Congress threatens the Netherlands with invasion”). It seems the Dutch are annoyed that Congress is talking about protecting Americans from the International Criminal Court, which will sit in the Hague—they’re worried that “protection” might include forceable rescue, which proposed legislation does indeed authorize.

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  1. Here’s a follow up story by
    Here’s a follow up story by the Washington post.

    It appears that the cowardly Senate is willing to pursue diplomacy with the clog-dancing-Hague Court-keepers.

    “But the U.S. Embassy in The Hague said in a statement that officials could not imagine such a situation. “Obviously, we cannot envisage circumstances under which the United States would need to resort to military action against the Netherlands or another ally,” the statement said.”



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