Violence against women and world health

It’s all one struggle: Violence Against Women Leads to Major Health Problems Globally. “Health” turns out to require doing something about “violence against women,” and that, we already know, will involve doing something about “pervasive patterns of gender inequality.” Since the world is so simple, there’s always the same answer to everything. If the world weren’t so simple there would be no hope of unifying it administratively, which would be a catastrophe for international organizations. Is it any wonder they are always cultural radicals?

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  1. Don’t be suprised when the
    Don’t be suprised when the doctor asks about your support of distinct gender roles on your next check-up. This is just a continuation of a disturbing trend in “medicine” whereby liberal dislikes are billed as health problems in the public arena. The CDC thinks that racism, guns, and sexual morals are diseases to be eradicated like smallpox. What this shows more than anything is that the liberal elites have formed an interlocking network of mutually assured support. What’s particularly distressing is that doctors are willing to loan their considerable public prestige to liberal crusades such as this.


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