Living in fear of racism

A cry from the heart from a Korean-American woman: Living in Fear of Racism. It’s certainly unpleasant to visit a town and get screamed at by one of the local crazies, but isn’t it obvious from Miss Wong’s comments that the sensitive, multicultural society she wants is an all-consuming task that can never be completed? As she says, she promotes and celebrates diversity full-time, at home and on the job, “[b]ut at the end of the day, I still question how I could ever do enough.”

She obviously can’t. None of us can. Look at how much evidence it takes for her to say “[i]n the wake of the terrorist bombings, anyone who looks foreign is a potential target”: in a country of 285,000,000 people over a 3-month period there was 1 more report of racial violence daily than usual.

Wouldn’t it be more sensible to drop the project so everyone could get a life?

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  1. Second-gerneration Asians
    Second-gerneration Asians often amaze me. They parrot the standard I-am-minority/feel-my-pain spiel, even though they aren’t disadvantaged. Yes, the Asians have it worse in one respect because the traditional Protected Minorities mistreat them because they can excel without outside help.

    But what does the author really have to complain about? First, Asians score higher on standardized tests than another population group. Second, they have standards of living far higher than in their native land. Good grief, isn’t Terry Hong better off in Louisville than in Pyongyang?

    I submit that American multiculturalism works against Asians. The strong-willed parents demand that their kids study hard and learn American ways. So they go off to school and are taught their elders are “dysfunctional” and that Western society is facist. Thus we are left with a young generation left sullen, deracinated and rootless, which only perpetuates liberalism.

  2. The most important lesson is
    The most important lesson is this: From the moment that a white Western society, in order to demonstrate its non-racism, admits a significant number of non-whites as immigrants, that society has condemned itself to an unending future of being condemned as racist. And the only way it can clear itself of that indictment is by ceasing to be white.


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