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  1. The linked article, from The
    The linked article, from The Times Online, reveals the nature of the liberal world order that is taking, or rather has taken, shape all around us. Words that are a part of ordinary language are suddenly and arbitrarily forbidden. People are very cautious in their speech because they don’t know if what they’re going to say will get them in trouble.

    It strikes me that the arbitrariness of the rules for which one can get in trouble is analogous to Stalin’s regime, under which anyone, innocent or not, could be arrested. The effect was to demoralize the whole population, make them utterly passive toward the state. Something like that has happened under the rule of PC.

    But in a way it’s more insidious and destructive than Stalinism in the way it goes after the root of our humanness—our use of language.

  2. One aspect of the situation
    One aspect of the situation is that ignorance of the law is no excuse, it just makes things worse. If you didn’t know there was something wrong with what you said that shows you’re ignorant, insensitive and in need of re-education.


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