Populism & Nationalism

The publication of John Lukacs’ new book, “Democracy and Populism”, brings to mind the question of how traditionalist conservatives should view (1) populism and (2) nationalism, topics Lukacs has addressed with some frequency in his writing.

From the perspective of … Read more

Tom Wolfe/Charlotte Simmons

In November Tom Wolfe’s latest novel, “I Am Charlotte Simmons”, was published. It’s his effort to portray, in the Wolfean style, student life at a contemporary, elite, American university. It does so with a coarse realism equal to its subject … Read more

Can’t Blame Buckley Anymore

The New York Times reports in a news story that William F. Buckley Jr. is divesting himself of control and ownership of “National Review,” the journal he founded 49 years ago. WFB was never a culture warrior, and these days, … Read more