An interesting analysis by Mark Richardson and, if I may, a digression of my own

Mark Richardson, in [url=]commentary[/url] on a Vatican position paper dealing with central issues of women’s lib, expresses appreciation (which is persuasive and gratifying to read) and also undertakes highly intelligent critique.

Mr. Richardson’s essay analysing this Catholic document serves, for … More ...

Some excellent recent comments touching on the idea of the nation-state

(I feel the legitimation of the tribe and the nation-state are among the central ideas of tradconservatism. One reason these ideas aren’t “racist,” of course, is they apply to all tribes and nation-states.)

[url=]Here’s[/url] Mark Richardson:

[i]”What forms the … More ... now has a blog. has a blog, born four days ago and already first-rate. I predict it’ll be a major force helping to resist the interests who are pushing excessive incompatible immigration on us against our will.