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  1. Thank you
    A great article reminding us of the importance of a tangible Catholic Culture and the means by which it facilitates our awareness of the supernatural and the sacramental worldview more generally. We have started doing Eucharistic Processions at our Novus Ordo Parish (our priest is young and orthodox) and people have commented upon the power of enculturation. I am Australian but love the sacramental reminders of Christendom that can be found all over Ireland, the UK and Europe. Sadly, we now see “sacraments” that point us to the worship of mammon. Still, let us make every attempt to sacramentalise our family home and our Parish! Keep up the great writing.

    • Thanks for the note, and glad
      Thanks for the note, and glad to hear about your parish. These things seem so obvious, and it does seem that younger people are picking up on them.

      • Indeed!
        Yes- perhaps the youth have not been as affected by the silly 60s and 70s (and, let’s face it, all the decades after that)as people of earlier generations have.

        Just purchased your new book and am looking forward to reading it.



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