Why lockstep transgenderism?

The idea behind fanatical transgenderism is that reality is socially constructed, so denying Bruce Jenner is a woman is the same as annihilating the woman Caitlyn Jenner. It’s equivalent to murder, and implicitly to genocide.

But why do respectable people repeat this stuff, which you’d think they know is insane?

For some it has a bit of a potlatch quality. Reckless extravagance proves invulnerable status.

For others it’s a direct exercise of collective power – this is so because we say it’s so.

And others would rather feel hate, contempt, and aggression than fear and humiliation. So if they have to mouth stupid lies they make them their own and force them on others. That, it may be, is why progressives have become so horrible.

4 thoughts on “Why lockstep transgenderism?”

  1. The logic of liberalism
    Is it also the result of the triumph of cultural Marxism in which “classical liberalism” still bearing the trappings of Christianity has been discarded and liberalism proper is now playing itself out logically?

    Kind regards TomW

    • True
      Yes, that’s the other side of the story. People who lived in Eastern Europe under communism say that the difference between then there and here now is that here now people actually believe the party line.

      It’s hard to know to how deep that goes. I suppose to a large extent people, especially if they’re in responsible positions, adjust to life today by finding ways to avoid thinking about some issues. If they argue against something that would suppress marginalized voices or whatever.

      It’s true that what we have now reflects the basic logic of liberalism, and that makes it very difficult for anyone in public life to dissent from what’s going on. Given basic assumptions, no contrary arguments will stand up.

  2. Thank you
    Thank you for your response Mr Kalb. I know the internet does not facilitate the most personal or engaging of interactions but thank you for entertaining my thoughts all the way from Sydney Australia.

    • Blogs are certainly better
      Blogs are certainly better than Twitter or Facebook! Although they had a tendency to go downhill because of abusive commenting. So thanks for commenting.


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