1 thought on “Chain comments and the good life”

  1. Chain comments and the good life
    Mr. Spencer is flat inaccurate in his belief that “Sharia states are oriented toward the good, not freedom, as their highest value.” The Koran is an incoherent mass of supposed utterings by a being so flawed that to believe in him is like believing in David Korash or Jim Jones or the Devil. You have it right when you say Mr. Spencer is out of his area. I don’t think he has tried reading the Koran. I expect his premise is because so many “good” people believe in Islam, one must conclude there is something to it. But he neglects the fact that millions of good Japanese believed in Bushido, of good Germans believed in Nazism, and of good Russians believed in Communism. I expect those believers added up to the number of Muslims at the time.


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