Dear Sir,

We live in Northern Ireland and have just joined this forum. We are Evangelical Christians, a married couple with one child and she is homeschooled. In Northern Ireland, as in the rest of the UK, there is ample evidence of moral and social collapse, due mostly to feminism, the “gay” lobby, political correctness (which I see as the language of feminism) and compromise, religious and political. The Bible is no longer the absolute standard by which all behaviour is judged. I have confronted feminists, as their ideology has corrupted and coarsened society, and emasculated men, and has virtually put an end to chivalrous behaviour on the part of men.

Are there any other people from Northern Ireland on this forum?

All for now, from Susan-Anne and Francis White.

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  1. Islam trumps feminism
    Why does Islam trump feminism as surely as rock crushes scissors? Islam is anti-feminist and Muslims do lots of bad things to women but it doesn’t seem to make a difference to advanced liberalism.

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