They say the darndest things

Lawrence Auster asks why so often it is women, more than men, who are unintimidated by liberals. His example is Jeane Kirkpatrick. Here are a couple more, one woman (Kathy Shaidle) quoting another (“andrea”): “Barack Obama? Look—Urkel’s running for president!”

“Yeah, I know I’m going to hell. Don’t care. I’ve never met a person of African-Americanness who didn’t have the self-esteem of Taras Bulba and a cast-iron sense of entitlement as well. This, as much as anything, may keep the presidency white as snow for a few more generations.”

Maybe the reason is that with women politics is taken as more of a personal or fashion statement. It doesn’t seem as important to them to be consistent, or even justifiable or right in an objective sense. They’re less conceptual in their way of thinking. That makes them a bit harder to squash on ideological grounds. That’s good—it’s one of the ways a little truth can get out.

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