What’s hot and what’s not

Someone just did a survey of under-10-year-olds in England, and found they thought that celebrity was the best thing in the world, followed by good looks and wealth. That fills in the picture presented by the survey of teenaged girls last year that found that 63 per cent wanted to be glamour models, while 25 per cent fancied a career in lap dancing.

UPDATE: The latter poll at least makes me wonder what’s really going in in stories like this one, about “sexual harassment” by kindergartners. The natural reaction is that such stories are a matter of bureaucratic rules mindlessly applied. (The alternative to mindless application is giving the man on the spot discretionary authority to make discriminations, and that’s unacceptable now, so “no tolerance” and the like has become a general rule.) Is it possible though that we’re so flooded with electronic eroticism that there actually are 5-year-olds engaged in sexual harassment?

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