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Dear Mr. Kalb and Fellow Readers,

(This is not an immigration-reform Website.) They are always on the defensive. They shamefully fail to organize and take offensive action, literally. They just don’t get it. It is their job to be offensive to people; they miserably fail to set the terms of the debate. The debate ain’t about the economy or some poor soul in abject conditions or about compassion. It is about politics.

One affects the terms of a debate by getting in the face of an opponent, by causing his eyes to flicker, and appealing rationally to those who are on the fence. Except for the Minutemen (which seems to be devolving into a selfish attempt by the leader to become elected), these groups remain nailed to their Websites. As many generals have said, wars are won by taking ground, not by technology. The Websites are using communication technology, but they are taking no ground.

As smart and wired as they are, they lack dynamic leadership. They are Lincoln’s General McClellan, too timid or overwhelmed to get up and fight.

Argument is as essential as a bullet, but the leader will never take the field by hurling only arguments; the leader must grasp the arguer, push him aside, and enter his rear area where he is vulnerable. There are huge numbers of Americans who want immigration enforcement-only. So completely ignore media negativism, which is the media’s nature; it is a business, no more a friend than your local salesman. You see, if there is no controversy, the media is out of business.


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  1. Immigration reform Web sites

    Yes, I’ve run across some immigration reform sites whose only purpose seems to be griping, but there are several very active organizations: FAIR, Numbers USA, and Team America. These are anything but “General McClellans.”

    They may not meet your criteria for being “offensive to people” — why would you want that? — but they certainly are rattling the politicos’ cages and helping to reframe the debate. If you are serious about wanting to do something besides whinge about the state of play, why don’t you support one or more of these groups?

    • Immigration Reform Websites
      Dear Rick and Fellow Readers,

      Dear Rick and Fellow Readers,

      Hey fellow. Your enthusiasm is impressive. (Sorry I did not see your post until tonight. I can’t explain why I did not see it sooner.) People with our perspective would be helpful if they supported FAIR and NumbersUSA; do not conclude unsupport from disagreement. I am unfamiliar with Team America, but I will surely check it out. Be sure to check out Lawrence Auster’s Website for a rigorous and prolific interpretation of current events about immigration and other important current topics:


      • More on immigration reform web sites

        Good. FAIR and Numbers USA are probably the two most important organizations.

        Team America is associated with Tom Tancredo, a plus in my book, but also with Pat Buchanan, about whom I have mixed feelings. Pat’s sister, Bay Buchanan, is in charge. Primarily, it seems, she races around the country giving speeches. That’s fine, but I’m not sure that Team America is what you’d call a politically active organization. Also, it seems fixated on the “illegal” issue and national security rather than the big demographic and cultural picture.

        Lawrence Auster has become one of my intellectual heroes. He has consistently, for many years, written on important issues of cultural identity about which neocons and country club Republicans are blind, deaf, and dumb (in both senses).

        At first even I was a little shocked by LA’s forthrightness, and suspicious that he would give himself away as a (real) racist, but I have seen no sign that he is, and his positions are always well argued. They are extreme but rational.

        Some of his ideas are beginning to seep into the mainstream now, but for a long time he was out in the wilderness saying things that no one wanted to hear. I admire his moral courage.

        Anyway, Paul, good “talking” with you. I invite you and other readers to check out my blog, Reflecting Light, and to comment there.

        • Liberal Obfuscation and Immigration Reform Websites
          Dear Rick and Fellow Readers,

          I tried your link to your Website but was foiled.

          Others might be unaware Mr. Auster and Mr. Kalb were the founders of anti-racism criticism on the Net and remain a powerful influence. (Not to disregard 2Blowards, another literate Website.) So Mr. Kalb’s Website is as vital as Mr. Auster’s.

          I wish I had the time to be their Jerry McGuire, but my day job demands too much of my time. They are so talented and knowledgeable. I hope they will employ publicists to get themselves in the public eye, as Ann Coulter possibly does. Once one knows gems are around, we can hope and help them to gain notoriety.


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