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  1. The Future of Europe
    I happened in for the first time and saw a criticism of Mark Steyn’s statement that Europe would be Islamic by the end of the century. He was quoting Bernard Lewis. Actually, many have now said this, basing their predictions on the demographic collapse of Christian and post-Christian birthrates throughout Europe and the swelling tide of Muslim births and legal and illegal immigration. Steyn does not think this is good at all, just inevitable. What the future will be like is seen in this week’s Muslim war expanding throughout France. Charles Martel did his job at Poitiers in 732 in repulsing the Muslim armies, but they are back and where is the European will and leaders to fight them off?

    • I don’t know where you saw a criticism of Steyn on that point
      but it certainly wasn’t in the article I linked above. I agree with you; in fact, I think it won’t be by the end of the century, it’ll be before. Unless Europeans wake up and repent, their children may well live under the Crescent – in just ten years, Holland is expected to have a Muslim majority…

      God’s judgment is upon us; Lord have mercy.

    • Europe has horrible
      Europe has horrible demographic problems, the greatest of which is the lower than replacement level in birthrates (I believe Italy and Spain are the worst here). Their demographics are also horrible in terms of average age of the white European population; the schools are therefore becoming predominantly Muslim.

      Muslims are already demanding local sovereignty in France: their own police, sharia law, collect their own taxes, etc. Similar, I suppose, to our Native American reservation system. Of course, once they have local sovereigny, they will then declare “independence” or a “liberation” movement, attempt to balkanize France into various ethnic ghettoes, go the the United Nations, denounce the EU as western decadence, attempt to control their borders, import weapons, establish an army, become aggressively terroristic, etc., just as the Palestinians have done in relation to Israel.

      The liberal interpretation of these events is classic Marxism: class conflict, the have-nots versus the haves, a conflict soluble through economic “integration,” assimilation, and of course (that old stand-by) education.

      A more realistic assessment is that we are witnessing a conflict of irreconcilable civilizations. Of course, in the liberal mind, all conflicts are reconciliable between parties of good will (the premise being that all parties to the conflict subscribe to liberal pieties, and that each party is willing to compromise essential beliefs on the altar of “rationality”). Liberals cannot conceive not only that some parties may not subscribe to liberal pieties, but that some parties have contempt for liberal pieties and consider them decadent and even blasphemous (liberals consider such attitudes as “negotiating positions” to be massaged, and have no concept or appreciation for an accusation of “blasphemous”).

  2. When Intifadah is evil?
    Intifadah is arabic for “shooting stones”,it makes reference to people`s demonstrations against Israeli Occupation in Palestine.
    You endorse it,as does it Trifkovic.
    But arabs and africans protesting against police crimes in France,are no making any intifadah.
    How it is possible to support something just in a place,but condemnating it in another land?.
    What rule for disacernment is applied here?.

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