3 thoughts on “Global demonstrations against Sharia in Ontario planned”

  1. Ontario rejects sharia
    http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/printer/ap.asp?category=1101&slug=Canada%20Shariah Ontario premier rejects Shariah law

    Good, of course. http://www.civitatensis.ca/archives/2005/09/11/sharia-tribunals-will-not-be/ It is noted by some, however, that in so doing, is ending all religious arbitration, period (which of course is consistent with anti-Christian liberal principles).

    Nevertheless, notwithstanding Premier McGuinty’s amoral pragmatism (pointed out correctly by the preceding commentator), which is reminiscent of that of http://www.chroniclesmagazine.org/cgi-bin/hardright.cgi/Ethics_01A___Gay_Ma.printer Gov. Schwarzenegger in California; IMO, I think this is a good thing; I don’t see why, in a pluralistic society with freedom of religion, the State should get involved in intrareligious disputes; let religious communities sort out their own affairs, themselves. Why should the State be involved? As long as no laws of the land are broken by anyone, it’s none of the State’s business, far as I can see…

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