A test of pluralism?

[url=http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/26/nyregion/26circumcise.html?ei=5070&en=d3076f6044d0e6f8&ex=1126324800&adxnnl=1&oref=login&adxnnlx=1126180690-9K6Y+OmOE6dlko+K54+fpw]Religious freedom versus health concerns[/url] (registration required), and in this case it’s not about Jehovah’s Witnesses and blood transfusions (though it does involve blood).

5 thoughts on “A test of pluralism?”

    • You found some gems there,
      You found some gems there, Will! I’ll never know how you do it. I’ve never heard of their being many practicing Jews down in Dixie, so maybe that fellow found something. As for nose-picking, I’ll have to wait for the decision of the CDF.

      • thanks!
        I was tipped off to him on another blog; I hadn’t heard of that rabbi previously. He seems, a few sandwiches short of a picnic, if you catch my drift.

        BTW, what’s the CDF?

          • ah, okay.
            Thanks! Not being Roman Catholic, I am ignorant of many of these matters, but am always interested to learn more.

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