Good Bye Brother Karol Wojtyla

He was a Hero in fight against communist tyranny in Poland;he preached in favor from rights from Ethnical Communities. He did stand against holocaust from Abortion;although as an Evangelical, my understanding from Salvation is very different than his,I feel the grievance and suffering from catholic people. I pray our Lord gives comfort to your hurted hearts in these days. Amen. Adiòs Amigo Venezuela està contigo.

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  1. His Holiness deserves all the
    His Holiness deserves all the praise and the love he has received because he was a lovely man and because he played a key part in accomplishing the enormous goal of destroying communism as a legitimate WESTERN system of government. His greatness was such that probably he will be sanctified for his accomplishment in defying communism and for his unquestionable piety and integrity.

    Yet some of his ideas are questionable as Lawrence Auster has bravely pointed out in View From the Right. Saints are free from sin but not from error. Did St. Peter not deny Jesus three times? Did not St. Paul persecute Christians zealously?

    This might be berating His Holiness to some people, but I disagree war is always wrong. If the Allies had not crushed the devil-inspired Nazis, God’s Chosen People might have disappeard as so many civilizations have disappeared. Probably though, a Carthaginian peace is acceptable to non-Carthaginians.

  2. as a Traditional Catholic
    There was much I disagreed with on John Paul II’s policies and teachings. Indeed here’s a short list of the 101 heresiesof John Paul II. You can also see visually many of the corruptions and perversions that have occured under this Pope at the Chruch Revolution in Pictures. Indeed many try to protray this pope as a true conservative and traditionalist.

    He was so in the same way George W. Bush is within the American political landscape. In fact the anaology to American conservativism is very appropriate. You have the Traditionalists(like the Society of Pius X) who basically are like the Paleo-Cons of America, then you have the Neo-Catholics(to whom John Paul II represented) who are the Neo-Conservatives of the Catholic Church. In other words, the Neo-Catholics are basically liberals who like to protray themselves as conservatives within the Church.

    Nevertheless there was much I did admire and agree with him. I certainly like how the Societ of Pius X in their statement on the Pope’s death maintains a balanced view. It praises him for his tough stances when concerning personal and sexual morals, his influence in destroying communism in Eastern Europe, and his fight for the pro-life movement. Yet it also makes note of many of the errors of his papacy. Another good assessment of the Pope from a traditionalist viewpoint is found at Catholic, with a beautiful photoshop of the Pope with our Lady of Fatima.

    One thing personally I loved about John Paul II was how he brought issues concerning the Eastern Catholics to the fore of the Church’s agenda. Im not a Roman Catholic, but Byzantine which is an Eastern rite. John Paul openly encouraged Roman Catholics to study and understand the Church’s Eastern heritage and made attempts to improve relations with the Orthodox church(an issue very close to Eastern Catholics, who we view as fellow brethern who remain outside communion with Rome).

    Rest in Peace John Paul II!

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