2 thoughts on “Courtin’ the Born Agains”

  1. Will you need a counselor:
    Majority from Americans,voted by Bush,catholic in overhelming numbers,so maked reformed,mormons,jews,extraterrestrials,people believing Preasley is alive,etc,etc. But you choose to post something bashing to evangelicals,you draw absolutely everithing in bashing evangel. you are a pathological guy. Please take my advice seriously.

    • André, might you be misinterpreting the article?
      André writes,

      “The majority of Americans voted for Bush: Catholics in overwhelming numbers; so did the Reformed, the Mormons, the Jews, the extraterrestrials, the people who believe Elvis is alive, etc., etc. But you choose to post something bashing Evangelicals. You depict absolutely everything in terms of bashing Evangelicals.”

      André I could be wrong, and of course Will can answer for himself on this, but I see the Chronicles piece which he linked as consisting of criticism of Bush, not criticism of Evangelicals. With all respect, I think you may be misinterpreting that article.


      Long live Flanders!

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