War on Easter?

[url=http://vdare.com/pb/050326_easter.htm]VDARE reports[/url]:

“Fans of our ever-popular annual competition to determine the most egregious attempt to [url=http://vdare.com/pb/2004_christmas_p20.htm]abolish Christmas[/url] will not be surprised that Easter is being abolished too, even in its most inoffensive furry form. ([url=http://www.nbc5i.com/family/4307679/detail.html]‘Easter’ Bunny Gives Way To ‘Spring’ Bunny: Local Mall Goes P.C. For Religious Holiday,[/url] Dallas-Fort Worth nbc5i.com)

Needless to say, this inspires us at VDARE.COM to wish all our readers a determinedly incorrect Happy Easter.”

I’ll echo that – Happy and Blessed Easter, Mr. Kalb and fellow Turnabout regulars!

2 thoughts on “War on Easter?”

    • The Secularization of Easter
      Ditto to Will S. One way to combat this tendency is to wish everyone a Happy Easter, which I have done more than ever this year. Will S. deserves a God Bless You for reminding us of our situation.

      I hope our contributors who happen to be Jewish are encouraged to help us in this respect as the Christians among us are mindful of our Jewish roots.

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