The UN as a self-limiting problem

The feature of transnational institutions that will save us from the worst of their ambition to reconstruct us is their irredeemable inefficiency and corruption. It’s not something that will go away because of better management or appeals to abstract global ideals. Management is secondary, and generalized ideals are good fallbacks but can’t carry the weight of day-to-day life. At bottom, we act as we are. And to what principle of identity, loyalty or honor can the UN or EU appeal that will induce a man surrounded by flattery and temptation to rise above self-interest?

Whatever institutions we live by 50 or 100 years from now, they won’t include the UN or EU. Utopian globalist schemes may lead to catastrophe, but the long-run danger they pose is less their success, which won’t happen, than the postcultural primitivism and brutality they will lead to. The attempt to abolish private property in Russia led only to mafia rule. The institution reappeared, but without the cultural surroundings that to some extent tamed it and made it social. We can expect similar consequences from antiracism, feminism, antinationalism, multiculturalism, and all the other causes that are now expected to inspire us.

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  1. Forget the Bilderbergers–the UN is the problem
    Richard John Neuhaus, who was a “presidential appointee to a commission charged with reexamining U.S. policy toward the UN”, writes in First Things:

    “. . .Forget the Bilderbergers, Masonic conspiracies, the Trilateral Commission, and black helico pters. Fevered fantasies about sinister plots to enslave the world only get in the way of trying to understand what is happening and what might be done about it.

    There are numerous organizations, including certain NGOs at the UN, that explicitly contend that the nation state is the enemy, or at least is obsolete and an obstacle to global progress . . .the NGOs at the UN are determined to expand the scope of government under the auspices of the UN, its auxiliary organizations, and international law in a manner that would make government accountable to the NGOs, which, in turn, are accountable to nobody but the philanthropies that fund them and their own, typically very small, memberships . . .The listings in the World Government Address Book give some id ea of the hundreds and hundreds of NGOs that make no bones about their dedication to, well, world government . . .”
    full text of “Forget the Bilderbergers ” hereˇ

  2. The Bushes are dedicated one-worlders. (Correct me if I’m wrong)
    Thanks for linking that Neuhaus article, which though a few years old is excellent and quite timely.

    Is there anyone who doubts that both Bushes—this one and his father—are one-worlders opposed to the idea of the nation-state, and that this was what Bush père was referring to when he used the expression “New World Order” in some of his speeches? (At the time I had no idea at all what he meant by that expression and couldn’t understand why no reporters questioned him about it or discussed its meaning beyond trite platitudes which are now seen to be not at all what he meant by it.) Is there anyone who doubts that? I’d love to see this debunked—to hear some other explanation of the Bush family’s behavior.

    If it’s true, it of course explains Bush’s complete disdain for immigration control.

    “If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.

    • Always comes back to Bush…
      Yeah…sure. Bush is the root of all evil. He is a one worlder. He is on the same page as George Soros and all the One World NGO types in the UN. His grandfather helped Hitler..and so on and so on.

      Freer trade is not One World Government. Quite the opposite. The WTO is good; the A.N.S.W.E.R./Anarchist, Pat Buchanan/Roger Milliken mobs are wrong. Over the last 4 years, the UN has sunk to the lowest level of esteem it has enjoyed in my lifetime. Never thought that would happen. Bush deserves some credit for it. 

  3. Nation and Post-Nation
    For the tenth year running the EU’s Auditors have refused to sign-off the accounts because of massive internal corruption. Nothing changes. The auditors arrive, do their sums, say the boys in Brussels have been very, very bad indeed and go away for another year. Things return to normal – normal being corrupt.

    While this is going on European national governments ban political parties that happen to be nationalist and popular, and pass laws that make the Patriot Act look like a firedrill in a primary school. See here:

    Meanwhile, leftist thinkers are rolling out the idealogy of the Post-Nation – along with transsexualism the hotspot for future marxian fun and games.

    Quite independently of leftist politics, the dispossession and deracination of Europeans and European-Americans seems to be a juggernaut no one has the will to end.

    At both regional (EU, NAFTA) and global (UN, WTO, WB) levels the drift is towards Fonte’s nightmare. Can I really say it will not happen because of corruption. Not, I think, if the native peoples of Europe and the Europeans of America become minorities in their own homelands and have their civil rights removed as now.

    The gangsters of the USSR maintained their empire of fear for seventy years because despite its utter corruption. They used massive transfers of foreign peoples to that end. But the absence of civil rights was the real key.

    I am not as optimistic about all this as Jim. And he ain’t too optimistic, is he?

  4. Yes it comes back to Bush, and well it should
    Can Muhlenberg explain what’s up with Bush’s plan to replace the traditional white population of the U.S.A. with Mexicans and other non-whites from around the world? Is Bush kissing the derrières of his Wall Street cronies? Does he owe Fox something for past or future favors? Is he being blackmailed by Fox’s people? Is he a closet Marxist? Does Muhlenberg see anything at all wrong with Tranzism, that uncleanness, that unholy blend of neo-Marxism on the one hand, and the crassest imaginable variety of dirty, Godless Wall-Street crony capitalism on the other? Can Muhlenberg understand that tradcons don’t want Godless crony-capitalism; don’t want unbridled greed? Can he grasp that there are economic “frictions,” financial “inefficiencies,” which good societies more than willingly accept in the name of simple ordinary humaneness, such as avoiding the destruction of people’s communities through unlimited incompatible immigration; such as sending the jobs on which breadwinners depend for their families abroad? Society’s good sense and rightness in requiring unleaded gasoline, which is less efficient for car motors, in the name of not poisoning the air, is universally acknowledged. I think I’ve brought this up at this forum before and Muhlenberg glossed over it. Can you deal with it, Muhlenberg? Can you look at it head on and address it? Or is it either so totally insane or so criminally immoral you don’t dare to gaze upon what it must mean regarding the man whom you voted for so enthusiastically three weeks ago?

    “If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.

    • Get over it
      You lost Fred. Estrada and Brown will be on SCOTUS, not Schumer and Clinton.Taxes will not be increased. Social Security will be slowly privatized. American natural resources will be developed. No judges who push faith out of the public square will be app ointed to the Federal bench for the next 4 years. Trial lawyers will have their power reduced. Babara Streisand and Whoopi Goldberg will not be jumping on furniture in the Lincoln bedroom. Every White House function will not revolve around Hollywood degen erates. The FBI and the ADL will not team up to unleash another Project Megiddo on Christians. We will have a functioning DOJ and people such as Asher Karni, Jeff Skilling, Charles Kushner, Andrew Fastow, Yehuda Abraham, Ken Lay and Samuel Waksal will not be the untouchables they were when the Reno/Holder/Klein troika ran the department. We will not have another Arb heading Treasury. The French still won’t like us and George Soros, Steve Bing, Steve Grossman, Haim Saban, Fred Eychaner, Peter Lewis won’t b e running the Kerry cabinet behind the curtain.

      So learn to live with it Fred. The election is over. Try again in 2008. Hd


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