Was Karl Rove behind this?

On the whole, I find the Guardian a summation of the worst features of the intellectual Left gone mainstream and become dominant: smug, ignorant, narrow, self-centered, unimaginative, intolerant, and sometimes—whether it’s a cause or effect I don’t know—downright evil. In personal dealings with people who meet that description (mostly not leftists) I’ve noticed that the damage they do is limited because the rest of the world isn’t real to them. They simply can’t understand what other people are about or how things work, so they make incredible blunders. A recent illustration is provided by the Guardian’s Operation Clark County, a scheme to have readers send personal letters to people in one county in Ohio and tell them how to vote. It was a dumb idea, but 14,000 readers, including luminaries like Richard Dawkins, Antonia Fraser and John Le Carré, fell for it. Not surprisingly, it immediately backfired, so they’re calling it off, but not before thousands of letters were sent. Since most of them haven’t arrived yet, the fun may have only begun. Here’s an amusing account of the stunt by Mark Steyn featuring quotes from the remarkable letter Professor Dawkins sent.

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